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January 2005

Job satisfaction among nursing personnel

http://doi.org/10.33698/NRF0258 Sushma Kumari Saini, Charanjeev Singh Abstract: A study was conducted in a tertiary level hospital of a state government to find out job satisfaction among nursing personnel. A self-developed Job Satisfaction Questionnaire was...

Nurse attitudes towards palliative care for Cancer patients

http://doi.org/10.33698/NRF0020  Suksham Chopra, Indarjit Walia, Prem Verma Abstract: For maintaining optimal quality of life, patients with cancer require comprehensive care which is multidisciplinary in nature and involves application of appropriate curative and...

April 2005

July 2005

Patient Satisfaction – A case study of zonal hospital, Mandi (HP)

http://doi.org/10.33698/NRF0031  - R.K. Sharma Abstract : A study was conducted to find out the level of patient satisfaction at a zonal hospital, Mandi (HP). A sample of 50 out-door patients and 50 indoor patients was taken on random basis. The patient satisfaction...

Demand and supply of bed linen in selected wards Of Nehru Hospital

http://doi.org/10.33698/NRF0032  -Kulvir Kaur, Jogindra Vati, Sukhpal Kaur Abstract: An analytical study on demand and supply of bed linen was undertaken at Nehru Hospital, PGIMER, Chandigarh. By using purposive sampling 17 wards with the bed strength of 652 under...

Antenatal mothers’ awareness about HIV/AIDs

http://doi.org/10.33698/NRF0034  -  Suksham Chopra, Indarjit Walia, Karobi Das Abstract : Worldwide, 39.4 million people are living with HIV/AIDS. In India, the number of HIV positive cases has risen to 5.3 million, and it is rising consistently. Women due to their...

October 2005

Physical and psychological distress among the Nursing students.

http://doi.org/10.33698/NRF0038 - Karobi Das, Jogindra Vati, Indarjit Walia Abstract : The objective of the present study was (a) to assess the frequency and degree of physical and psychological distress among the students and (b) to compare the distress between the...

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